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Amarnam accessories was launched in 2019 out of passion for handmade accessories.

In my atelier in East of Paris , I create unique accessories inspired by nature and special meaning related to weddings.

Each style is interwoven with a sense of romanticism and authenticity.

My Story

Behind the brand Amarnam, one person stands as designer, creator. It is Rita. Originally Hungarian, now living and working in France.


Why did I start to design jewelry? I always admired the power of little details which like a hint invisibly defines the look. At one point it was inevitable to create something which would reflect my taste and personality. 

The major signature of Amarnam’s accessories is unique design emphasizing delicacy and extreme lightweight elements.

I am focused on designing beautiful, comfortable pieces that can be enjoyed on your wedding day and also treasured for many years.


During the design of the accessories the main idea is always complete the bridal look rather than trying to steal the attention away.


While creating jewelry or accessories I always focus on designing beautiful, comfortable pieces. The values are on the delicate details which  can be enjoyed on your wedding day and also treasured for many years.

Among Amarnam's jewelry collection  you can find accessories not just for future brides but for grooms, bridesmaids, little flower girls and splendid jewelry for every day occasion and stunning  pieces for big events.

All jewelry is created using sterling silver and brass, which is then finished in gold and silver plating and incorporates stunning semi-precious gems, stones and freshwater pearls.

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