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All AMARNAM pieces will last for a long time, though they need special treatment and care.

All AMARNAM flowers are made by hand from specially stiffened and hot formed silk.They are very delicate, just like real flowers with the difference that they do not like water. Do not crush the flowers with other objects. When your silk earrings get dirty from makeup, there is no way to clean them.

AMARNAM earrings and headpieces are made of raw brass, surgical steel, silver or gold plated. Over time, they can darken, resulting in the effect of vintage jewelry. This condition may be accelerated due to contact with perfumes, increased humidity or high temperatures. This is a natural process that we have no influence on.

Our jewelries are flexible and allow you to adapt to many hairstyles, you should remember to treat them in a delicate way in order not to break the handmade elements.

We also advise you not to use any hairstyling products directly on them, because they may cause corrosion and leave a matt coating. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us:



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