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Join Amarnam bridal jewelry business to start donation for Animals

Today, I’m excited to share an important update that aligns with my mission.

Commencing last month, a portion of proceeds from purchases made at Amarnam Wedding Accessories or Atelier Amarnam has been allocated towards monthly donations. We firmly believe that extending a helping hand to those in need is not merely a duty but a privilege, and your invaluable contributions have played an instrumental role in effecting positive change.

No matter how big or small your contribution may seem, each act of kindness towards animals has a ripple effect that can lead to meaningful change. Thank you for your commitment to making the world a kinder place.

Last month donation beneficiary is PROJECT FREEDOM RIDE

About last month donation beneficiary.

Project Freedom Ride has been helping connect unwanted and abandoned dogs (and a few cats) in Texas and Georgia with rescues and families in Northern US States & British Columbia.

​Starting with their young founder, Roman, down to the entire PFR team comprised of board of directors, volunteers and staff, Project Freedom Ride is fueled by one goal: to connect dogs to forever homes. 

Roman the young founder of PROJECT FREEDOM RIDE

Your participation in this journey is deeply cherished, and together, we possess the power to effect meaningful transformations. Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for contributing to a cause that transcends individual interests.

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, we pledge to furnish detailed insights and evidence of the organizations benefiting from your generosity in our monthly newsletters. Through this, you will witness firsthand the tangible impact of your support.

Detail of Amarnam jewelry first donation to PROJECT FREEDOM RIDE

Let us continue to stand united in our pursuit of creating a world where every animal is cherished, protected, and loved.

With heartfelt gratitude,


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